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CLASS WORKSHOP: Mindful micro:bits for 5th & 6th class

bbc micro bit with two LEDs on

Digital creativity and innovation for 5th and 6th class.

Join us for an educational journey into the world of coding and creativity with the "Mindful Micro:bit Workshop." This hands-on, interactive workshop is designed to empower children with valuable digital skills while exploring the potential of the BBC micro:bit.

The BBC micro:bit is a small, pocket-sized programmable computer that's designed to introduce children and beginners to the world of coding and electronics. It was created as part of an initiative by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to promote digital literacy and computing education among young people. It features an array of LEDs for displaying simple graphics and text, buttons for user input, and comes equipped with built-in sensors, such as an accelerometer and a magnetometer, which allow it to detect motion and orientation. It also has wireless connectivity through Bluetooth, enabling it to communicate with other devices such as smartphones and computers.

Users can write code for the micro:bit using various programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and block-based languages like Microsoft MakeCode and Scratch. This makes it accessible to beginners with varying levels or no prior coding experience.

Participants will engage in an exploration of the Engineering Design Process, where they'll brainstorm, design, and build your very own micro:bit medical device that can either calm the user or count their steps.

They will get to understand the significance of their creations in the real world; imagine the impact of a device that can bring calmness or encourage physical activity; and learn how such innovations are making a difference in healthcare and wellness.

Curriculum Links

Primary school science curriculum links include Scientific Process Skills Development - Working scientifically (Questioning, Observing, Predicting, Investigating and experimenting, Estimating and measuring, Analyzing, Recording and Communicating); Designing and making (Exploring, Planning, Making, Evaluating).

Primary school mathematics curriculum links include Skills Development: applying and problem-solving; communicating and expressing; integrating and connecting; reasoning; implementing; understanding and recalling.


Overall, the BBC micro:bit is an excellent tool for introducing children, beginners, and educators to the world of coding, electronics, and digital creativity. Its user-friendly design and educational focus make it a popular choice for schools.

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Children using science equipment