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CLASS WORKSHOP: Circuit Challenges with LEDs for Young Innovators for 3rd and 4th class

4 homemade cards with an LED light attached

Craft Your Own Illuminated Card or Poster!

The Circuitry workshop in the CRAFT Maker Space in Mary Immaculate College is an exciting workshop designed to introduce children to the fundamentals of circuits, lights, and problem-solving through engineering design challenges.

During this workshop, children will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with circuits, learning the basics of electricity flow and how to create simple circuits. We will emphasize safety precautions and ensure that your child understands how to correctly connect the components. We will also introduce LEDs as a versatile and innovative component in circuits, highlighting their unique characteristics. Each child will learn how to use LEDs to create and illuminate their own greeting card, adding this interactive element to their project, including how to incorporate switches to control the LED lights.

By participating in this workshop, children will:

  • Gain a fundamental understanding of circuits and electricity flow
  • Develop hands-on skills in constructing simple circuits and an LED greeting card or poster
  • Foster creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities
  • Enhance collaboration and communication skills through group activities
  • Foster an interest in STEAM-related subjects, specifically electronics and engineering

This workshop is a great hands-on insight into the fascinating world of circuits and lights, with opportunities to tackle engineering design challenges incorporating circuits to innovate solutions.

Curriculum Links

Primary school science curriculum links include Strand Unit: Energy & Forces, Strand Unit: Science and the Environment; and the Scientific Process Skill Development (Working scientifically, Questioning, Observing, Predicting, Investigating and experimenting, Estimating and measuring, Analyzing, Recording and Communicating, Evaluating, Designing and making).

Primary school mathematics curriculum links include Skills Development: applying and problem-solving; communicating and expressing; integrating and connecting; reasoning; implementing; understanding and recalling.


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Children using science equipment