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CLASS WORKSHOP: Bee Bots Adventures for 1st & 2nd class

6 Beebots in tray

Building Knowledge with Bee Bots

Embark on an adventure into the world of Bee Bots, where learning meets play in a whole new way! Our Bee Bot workshops are back, offering an innovative approach to STEM education while aligning with the National Primary Curriculum for 1st and 2nd class pupils.


About Bee Bots

Bee Bots, the friendly programmable floor robots, are the perfect introduction to programming, teaching children sequencing, directional language, commands, and algorithms. They move in precise 15cm steps and execute 90-degree turns (a quarter turn), making learning both captivating and interactive. They allow for limitless exploration, whether we use specially designed mats or create custom ones, Bee Bots can take you on adventures in colors, shapes, geography, language arts, mathematics, and science.


Inclusive Learning

At our Bee Bot workshops, inclusivity is a priority. We ensure that all learners, regardless of their abilities, can participate and thrive.


Coding, Problem-Solving, and Beyond

While having a blast with Bee Bots, watch as each child's coding, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills develop. Kids love to play, and Bee Bots are the perfect playmates for learning.


Join us for this year's Bee Bots Adventures and let the journey into knowledge and creativity begin!

Curriculum Links

Similar to our workshops with Bee Bots for Junior & Senior infants, the workshops this year will specifially enrich learning and understanding on the followings topics from the 1st and 2nd class curriculum which a teacher can choose from (or we can collaborate with you to deisgn lessons that align perfectly with your educational objectives) 

  • Science
  • Social and Environmental Education
  • Maths
  • STEM

Primary school science curriculum links include Strands: Energy & Forces; Environmental awareness and care; and Scientific Process Skills Development - Working scientifically (Questioning, Observing, Predicting, Investigating and experimenting, Estimating and measuring, Analyzing, Recording and Communicating); Designing and making (Exploring, Planning, Making, Evaluating).

Primary school mathematics curriculum links include Strands: Number; Shape & Space; Measures and Skills Development: applying and problem-solving; communicating and expressing; integrating and connecting; reasoning; implementing; understanding and recalling.

Primary school Social and Environmental education links include Strands: Human Environment; skills and concepts: A sense of place, a sense of space, geographical investigation skills: Questioning skills, Observing, Predicting, Investigating and experimenting, Estimating and measuring, Analysing, Recording and communicating

Integrated STEM includes using the Engineering Design Process to solve challenges with the Bee Bots

Interested? Use the Contact Form to let us know. 
When booking please let us know what your main topic preference is.