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ICT for Teenagers - ENGAGE with IT camp

two teenagers with a VEX Robot arena

First ever ICT camp for teenagers was a great success.

The overall aim of the ENGAGE with IT programme was to allow participants the opportunity to explore a variety of different technologies and their applications through hands-on workshops and presentations and mentoring from representatives from the ICT sector based in Limerick and across the Mid-West region. This aim was not only met, but exceeded, as all of the representatives from the companies that we engaged with invited us into their workplace for the participants to meet, see and hear about technologies that are critical to the success of the companies every day. 

Specifically, we wanted the course participants to: 

•    Develop knowledge and understanding of the applications of technology in everyday life and the variety of ICT careers available to them on leaving school or graduation.
•    Develop skills in coding, robotics, 3D printing and software engineering through first-hand experience.
•    Appreciate the applications of and importance of cybersecurity, data analytics and VR and Al.
•    Be inspired and motivated by mentors from the ICT industry to follow a technology career.

Many thanks to Jaguar Land Rover R&D Software Engieering, Shannon; DELL Technologies;TELEFLEX OEM; and the Immersive Software Centre in University of Limerick, for collaborating on this programme. 

Some of the ENGAGE wih IT participans
Some of the ENGAGE wih IT participans
Students explored the CRAFT Maker Space in MIC as part of the programme